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The Straight Forward Method

So you spend a long, time looking for mr right.

Have dated many men but the relationship doesn’t go further.

You feel like you’ve slept with too many men and you don’t want that ,no more, or your relationship only last for a few months, because he’s not the right guy for you.

Well the straight forward method could work.
This straight forward method doesn’t mean you should walk up to a guy and tell him that you like him.

If you do that, you could be, setting up yourself to get used, also he might think that your easy, or its something you do regular.
He might see you just as fun.
On the other hand, some people, could meet a wonderful partner, that way.

On your first date, bring him a small gift. Your probably, saying, “he should be, buying me gifts,” but believe this are not, it will show him that your independent and thoughtful, this will also, let him feel very special.

He will always remember you, because many girls doesn’t give guys, gifts, they expect to receive.

When ever you get the chance to talk, ask him about the future, ask him, if he would get married, want to have children, career, travel etc,.

Reassure him your only asking. This way you will know if this guy want the same things as you, if he doesn’t, it’s time to walk away, don’t wast your time.

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Posted on 05:44AM on May 20th, 2013
Ironically & comedic ally have the man fill out an application that you as a woman have laboriously toiled over. Please just make it one page. Sitting down at a Real Estate Closing office with 3 pens and a stack of bibles & endless regurgitated trees is a bit much for us men, well for me.
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